Author’s Note

Dear All,
Thank you for reading Rumah Lor. I hope you love and hate Arya, Arla, Arman, Carine, Lego, Joker, and Fahri as much as I do (or maybe more than I do). ‘It’s just happened’ is the last post to wrap up the first season of Rumah Lor. If you haven’t read the rest of the posts, you’ll find many spoilers in ‘It’s just happened’. If you want to enjoy the reading journey, you can avoid the temptation to read the ending and start to read from the beginning, because there’s a beginning for every ending (jiyeee jiyeee).

I will continue to write their slices of life in Rumah Lor 2. Perhaps I will write about Arla more. Perhaps.

So see you guys!!!

Peace and Love. I love you guys. I peace you guys (eh nggak bisa ya. Can I? Bisa deh! :p)

@Ibu_RT ^_^


(Yang bikin gambarnya namanya Aditya Prabaswara. It’s the perfect picture of Arya :D)

5 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. aivi christine says:

    Renaaa.. sukaaa.. ayoo cepat season 2 nyaa hehe.. btw ada sedikit inkonsistensi yg mengganggu, di season 1 ada blg arya n joker pacaran 2,4, dan 6 bulan. Jadi yg bener yg mana yaa.. hehe.. ayoo cepat season 2!😀

  2. telordadar says:

    Rumah Lor ini bener2 selingan menghibur. Gue suka dengan gaya tulisan elo yang mengalir apa adanya, kayak denger dan ngalamin sendiri apa yang kita baca.

    Thanks buat ceritanya… Nunggu season 2 nya nih :))

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